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Introducing Monarch Swarm

Monarch Swarm represents the evolution of self-service analytics. Individuals, teams and organizations can reshape the way they think about and interact with their data.

An Explosion of Self Service Analytics

Self-service analytics tools promised to make end-users more agile and data-driven. However, the increased agility led to the development of an ungoverned, data free-for-all in the “Wild West of Data.”

Data socialization

68% of data workers report that restoring a relationship with IT is key for improving data-driven business decisions (BARC, 2017)

The "Wild West" of Data

Analytics tools feed the chaos because they don't show lineage or track changes. This plagues organizations with inefficient operations and incorrect analytics based on bad data.

The "Wild West" of Data is comprised of ungoverned processes, siloed data preparation, ad hoc data reporting, duplication of efforts and multiple versions of the truth.

The Wild West of Data

Poor data quality costs the United States $3.1 Trillion every year (Harvard Business Review, 2016)

Bridging the Gap

The railroad tamed the ‘Wild West’ by bringing it together. Restore order to your organization by bringing IT and data workers together. A centralized location for raw and/or curated data, reports, models, workspaces and communication breaks down data siloes, eliminates duplicate work and improves data validity.

Providing business users with a curated catalog of internal and external data will double the ROI on analytics investments (BARC, 2017)

Meet Swarm

Monarch Swarm’s combination of innovative machine-learning technology, data governance and collaboration features uniquely positions it to empower every individual, department and organization to intelligently tap into more trusted data and drive faster analytical insight. It presents business users with a personalized experience for creating, accessing, validating and sharing governed, trustworthy datasets and models to provide more value to the enterprise.

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